May 9, 2018 | eObjx

Artificially Intelligent Mixed Media DJ Makes Vegas Debut

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada Taps New Entertainment Technology for 4.01K Event

San Francisco, May 09 2018: Las Vegas, well-known for standing residencies of the top global music DJs, recently welcomed a new autonomous DJ of the artificially intelligent and mixed media kind, eObjx (pronounced E-objects).

For its inaugural 4.01 Race for Financial Fitness, Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada recently partnered with San Francisco-based internet entertainment service company, eObjx, to add a new level of event entertainment and guest engagement. In April, eObjx played continuously poolside on the big screen during the race’s official after party at the Hooters Hotel and Casino. Sponsors, guests, and runners uploaded event photos, videos, and GIFs as eObjx autonomously self-assembled these media “objects” on-the-fly, into ever-changing continuous remixes displayed on the screen.

Most of us have seen the projected videos at various parties and events in which photographs, videos and scanned newspaper articles are projected onto a screen, usually on a continuous loop showing the same thing in the same way and produced beforehand usually by a single author.

While often entertaining, these relatively static presentations are about the past and one person’s point-of-view. eObjx is about the present, active group participation and creation, and intelligent software that “feeds” on content in real-time.

With eObjx, event attendees can add their own contributions to the mix while also viewing the contributions of everyone else being projected. And because it’s a private and secure web application, there are no apps, no downloads, no sign-ins, and no creepiness of Social. And when the event is over, the mix disappears, bypassing social media. To borrow from a well-known Vegas slogan – “what happens on eObjx, stays on eObjx.”  (But know that anything uploaded to an event’s eObjx is available in a media zip file but that’s it.)

According to Caitlin Shea, Director of Development of Southern Nevada, “eObjx made our event feel so warm, welcoming, and exciting for our participants –  having their images and videos projected instantly onto the screen. People were taking photos and videos live, in real-time and adding to the projection. eObjx just made it feel like it was everybody's event.”

eObjx is a spinoff to the Internet culture. No longer are we content to sit passively in front of a screen and watch the world go by. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Skype, we now want to be engaged in it and have it respond almost instantly.

Shares eObjx Co-Founder and CEO, John B Graham, “We created eObjx to be a new form of what we call we-technology – the kind that brings people together with a central focus. We want people to look up from their phones and to be present at events versus buried in their private virtual worlds. We were thrilled to make our Vegas debut with Junior Achievement as it’s such a great cause and one that resonates directly with us since we’re a team of entrepreneurs. The feedback we received was tremendous.”

And if the feedback from this poolside event is any indication, eObjx may very well be coming to more Vegas poolside events very shortly.

Adds Graham, "eObjx is the first artificially intelligent mixed media DJ"

And a relatively inexpensive one, renting on an hourly basis for $50-$90 an hour. For more information, visit


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iObjx is a San Francisco-based company that has quietly spent the past several months developing a new paradigm and experience platform for interacting with digital and real-world objects – intelligent and interactive objects. iObjx demonstrates only a portion of what it can already do by powering the current web applications of eObjx and Group Greets.

iObjx was inspired by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and his vision for “intercreativity” versus what he sees as less than optimal, “broadcast and consume.” The company is on a mission to provide a platform to power others to create meaningful pixels together.  

iObjx is an atypical startup comprised of a curious, experienced, and diverse team that grew up in the worlds of technology, art, marketing, finance, and entertainment.

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