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Hold up … we created eOBJX for the bigger screens so the example is only viewable on a desktop and laptop computer

So yes, this is something that's totally new and best if you experience it for yourself. Here are some helpful hints and tips as you play with and experience our eOBJX example above. Don't worry, you won't break it!

add photos, add videos, add gifs, add button
1. ADD

  • Add photos, videos and GIFs to the eOBJX example above
  • Your media object(s) will be automatically added and assembled into the mixes
create a multimedia presentation, create icon

  • Create a short video, photo or GIF and upload it anytime
  • Create a new entertainment experience each time you choose a mix playback
  • For the more advanced, tell our platform what to do. Create a custom mix and upload a custom script
play autonomous mix, play multimedia presentation

  • Hover at the top of the example to reveal a drop-down menu to choose and play a mix
  • There are two mixes to choose from. Slideshow is predictable and Objxshow does its thing autonomously mixing it up in all kinds of ways
  • Choose to start a new mix at anytime during play. Select Objxshow over and over again and watch how it responds
interactive multimedia presentation

  • Our platform interacts intelligently with what you upload understanding, synching, sequencing, and more on its own
  • A step to learning more about our interactive platform – double-click on any media object during play. You’re now in manual mode
  • eObjx encourages active participation and interaction – and that’s Event Psychology 101

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