Take Back the Power

Disintermediation is the power the internet brought and took away.   Your brand now relegated to posts on who knows which social wasteland.  You don’t need a social wall.  You need your wall – an eObjx wall.


eObjx gives you the power.  It is solely in your control.  What happens in your venue/event – stays in your venue/event.

Why have your patrons blast out to the world and then your recover it simply to create a social wall.  Why not have them contribute directly and solely to your wall.  Get Social out of the way.  Change the paradigm.

What happens on eObjx stays on eObjx.

Objx DJ

A DJ drives the energy and excitement of the night, but why only music?  Why not mix it up with media as well?  Or combine it all?

eObjx is a perfect tool for any DJ to fully express themselves, but also direct and shape the experience.  An Objx DJ can:

  • Switch up the playback at any timeStep into the playback for manual control
  • Pause/Stop/Resume the playback at any timeCreate their own playbacks
  • Create and inject their own standalone content as grouped or compound objects (may include any digital media, not just images and videos)
  • Delete
  • Switch between media sets
  • ContentTime travel through the content
  • eObjx offers the perfect environment to harness the input of the crowd and magnify that content through the power and creative genius of the DJ.