Let them know

Guests at an eObjx event are welcome to participate, but can only do so if they know they can.  It takes a little bit of upfront planning to consider the right name to give the eObjx and then disseminate the ADD url for all to join in.

During an eObjx show the ADD url may be displayed, but often that is not enough.  People simply have difficulty understanding they can change what they are watching.  It is completely contrary to everything they know about entertainment.

One option is to have printed materials and posters throughout the event advertising the ADD url.  Another might be to make an announcement.  Maybe a group SMS/message blast with the URL to all in attendance.   You could also have NFC tags that folks could just touch with there phone and launch the ADD url.  Be creative and find a way that makes your eObjx come to life!

And then there’s the easiest of all – a QR code

Bit by bit, every little contribution can add up to a truly unique and special eObjx experience.