eObjx Playlists

You Choose

eObjx playlists give you many options of how you’d like your event content to be shown by eObjx, from the very specific to allowing our AI to craft the experiences. You can change your mind at any time, select a different playlist and eObjx will instantly transform. Unlike normal/static playlists, new content is immediately integrated with every new play of a playlist. An eObjx playlist plays endlessly.


The eObjx service comes with several playlist options:

  1. Curated Playlists
  2. AI Playlist
  3. Wedding Playlists
  4. Custom playlists

Curated Playlists

Each eObjx service comes with a set of playlists curated with the most favored formats and settings of our customers:

  • 1 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 9 at a time
  • 3 at a time
  • 4 at a time
  • 5 at a time
  • No Slideshow
  • Slideshow
  • Only the last 15 minute

AI Playlist

In addition to our curated playlists we also provide our AI Playlist. You can choose it to allow our AI to make all the selections for you offering the broadest experience possible, formats and settings, throughout the hours of your event:

  • AI in control Objxshow

Wedding Playlists*

eObjx Playlists for a Wedding event are unique.  Our standard playlists are available, but enabled to select from the groom’s, bride’s, wedding day content or blend it all together.  In addition, playlists of just the groom, bride or wedding day content are also supplied:

  • Brideshow
  • Groomshow
  • Weddingshow

*available with the purchase of a Wedding Package

Custom Playlist(s)

If none of our supplied playlists meet your needs we offer add-on options to create Custom Playlists

  • Build your own playlist
    We’ll supply documentation and enable your environment to add them
  • Hire us to build your playlist
    Consulting with you we will construct and add the playlist to your environment