Not A Photo Booth. Not A Social Wall. What Is eObjx?

photo booth, photobooth, social wall, video slideshow

It has been really interesting developing and introducing eObjx to the world. There’s nothing really quite like it to compare it to.

How exactly do you describe new event technology when it isn’t an application, doesn’t require any downloads, and no sign-ins are necessary?! A potential reseller overseas recently asked us – “How does it really work?” – clearly indicating that he isn’t comfortable in a non-app world. Oh, what to do with something totally new.

In today’s world, most customers – event planners and event producers in our case – are most comfortable with what they already know. We’ve had a myriad of demos with event agencies and party planners and nearly all have said the same thing – “You’re right, this is new” and “I haven’t seen anything like it.” Of course they too are stumped with what words to use to describe it.

So here’s our best shot – eObjx is an instant and automatic mixed media entertainment lifeform  created by your event’s videos and photos.

All we know is … It isn’t a photo booth. It isn’t a social wall.

There, how’d we do? If you’ve got a better way to explain it, we’re all ears.