Day of an eObjx Event

Any event starts long before the day of and this is also true of an eObjx Event.  You will have ordered and paid for the number of show hours you wish at your event.  You may have even scheduled it to include a Livestream by scheduling the event with YouTube.

eObjx makes the service available to you the day of your event.  This could be many hours in advance of the start of the actual event.

During these hours you can do things like preload content.  Once the event has started you can inform your guests of the URL for them to start adding content  which may continue even beyond the end of the last eObjx show.

At some point you decide to begin the showing of eObjx.  Then, and only then, does the clock start on the hours of service you purchased.

When budgeting for an eObjx event, only purchase the actual hours you’ll need for the showing.  You do not need to purchase hours to cover preloading or time during the event prior to playback or time after the event.  An eObjx will be taken down within 24 hours post your event.