Calling all artists

Covid-19/Coronavirus is making life difficult for all artists. No live events, touring. You’re left with livestreaming to a blackhole where your fans may be watching.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can use eObjx to bring the audience back and have them participate and react to the show. Best part is you could see them as well in realtime.

We’re not talking livestreaming, because that is what you are already doing in this pandemic moment. We are talking about eObjx and its ability to capture, in realtime, the participation of the audience via their images and videos. In many ways, a show within a show.

The various ways you could use eObjx is covered in other posts. The big news is you’ve got options to make your livestream more engaging and a lot more fun.

Hey, even when we get back to live events and touring, why not allow your not present fans to still participate via eObjx and even make more money by charging them for the privilege.

eObjx is meant for a time like this. Don’t let this virus get you down. Fight back with all the artistry you have.

Virtual Events

During this ‘stay at home’ health emergency, many events are using Livestreaming as a partial solution. That is all well and good, but the event is hobbled by the fact that livestreaming is a broadcast – one way. All the viewer/attendee can do is watch.

Until now…eObjx can put the audience back into the live event.

For instance, let’s say a band is doing a concert in a venue with no audience but is being livestreamed. The audience sees something like this:

Now let’s add audience participation via eObjx and put them live on the projection behind the band, like this:

Another option would be to highlight and focus on the band surrounded by audience participation, like this:

In essence a livestream of a livestream. Remember the eObjx is always live and updating and remixing for an ever changing show right along with the entertainment.

One last option would be to keep the livestream of the band going as audio only, but just show the virtual audience, like this:

To keep the entire livestream engaging and entertaining for the audience the producer can keep switching it up between the various options.

eObjx can elevate any livestream into a fully interactive experience for the audience and even the band for now they have someone to play to versus a black hole.

eObjx the virtual event enabler….let us take your livestream to the next level.