eObjx can be used in three different modes:

  1. Presentation
    Guests only view the content
  2. Participation
    Guests can contribute content
  3. Interaction
    Guests can interact with the content

All modes may be used standalone or concurrently in any combination

1. Presentation Mode

Guests may simply view whatever show eObjx has composed or that of an administrator.

Presentation content, templates, effects and filters are selected through choice of playlist.  Custom playlists may be created in Premium Service Tier or as an Add-On.

Multiple presentations are permitted.  Each presentation will be unique.

2. Participation Mode

Guests may add content (image, video) from their mobile devices using the supplied ADD url, QR code or NFC tag

3. Interaction Mode

Guests may interact with content if the content is being shown on touch screen surfaces or monitors.

Interactions supported:

  1. Select Playback
  2. Stop/Pause/Resume
  3. Double-click object to enter manual mode
    1. In manual mode, navigate forward/backward via swipe or arrows
  4. Double-click object to launch entanglement
  5. Interact with interactive objects (eg 3D animations, VR, etc)

eObjx is uniquely versatile in how it may be used. Let the modes be your muse on how you would use eObjx for your events.


eObjx is a service built upon our iObjx platform. This platform enables the accretion, interaction with, during nonlinear playback of, infinitely entangled objects.

eObjx only supports a subset of these capabilities, but these allow multiple layers of interactivity and the possibilities of chaotic discovery.

The first layer of interactivity for eObjx allows the user to view the content however they’d like by selecting alternative playbacks.

Next, if an object is of interest they may double-click to view it in manual mode which then allows the user to step backward and forward through the objects in that Objxshow.

Today we are introducing a new layer of interactivity to eObjx that while in manual mode you may again double-click an object to then experience its entanglement. You get to step through the Looking Glass, for truly you don’t know where you’ll end up or where you might be able to go from where you are.

The eObjx experience has now been taken to a new level of interaction, exploration and discovery. Open up new worlds for your guests with eObjx entanglements.

Generative Art (Computer Art)

An emergent, autonomous platform such as eObjx algorithmically creates art composed of the media objects supplied to it.

Wikipedia description: Generative art refers to art that in whole or in part has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist.

eObjx is unique in that the art is ephemeral and constantly recreated as something new. There is no concept of publishing or completed within eObjx. Each artistic creation can be influenced through the addition or subtraction of additional media objects. It can be played much like a musical instrument with infinite interpretations and realizations.

An event instrumented with eObjx is a live performance lasting the entire duration of your event.

Let eObjx generate unique, temporal experiences for your guests.