eObjx can be used in three different modes:

  1. Presentation
    Guests only view the content
  2. Participation
    Guests can contribute content
  3. Interaction
    Guests can interact with the content

All modes may be used standalone or concurrently in any combination

1. Presentation Mode

Guests may simply view whatever show eObjx has composed or that of an administrator.

Presentation content, templates, effects and filters are selected through choice of playlist.  Custom playlists may be created in Premium Service Tier or as an Add-On.

Multiple presentations are permitted.  Each presentation will be unique.

2. Participation Mode

Guests may add content (image, video) from their mobile devices using the supplied ADD url, QR code or NFC tag

3. Interaction Mode

Guests may interact with content if the content is being shown on touch screen surfaces or monitors.

Interactions supported:

  1. Select Playback
  2. Stop/Pause/Resume
  3. Double-click object to enter manual mode
    1. In manual mode, navigate forward/backward via swipe or arrows
  4. Double-click object to launch entanglement
  5. Interact with interactive objects (eg 3D animations, VR, etc)

eObjx is uniquely versatile in how it may be used. Let the modes be your muse on how you would use eObjx for your events.