Not another slideshow

Sometimes, all you really need is a simple slideshow.  You know, images, full size, displayed one after the other.

The challenge becomes how to create it.  Most folks gravitate to PowerPoint, Keynote and other presentation builders, but that is a lot of painful slide by slide work.

With eObjx there is no need to create, nor any need for endless hours of effort either prior to the event or during.   eObjx will do it all, automatically.  All you do is tell eObjx when by hitting PLAY.

Simply ADD whatever you’d like, whenever you’d like, even during the event and/or playback and eObjx will automatically incorporate the new content and/or rework the old into the playback.  To make it even more fun, allow your guests to do the same.

There is no need for a slideshow to be the same every time it is played.  eObjx insures a new experience each time is is played.

Arc of the Event

An event may last for several hours.  As such, it has a beginning a middle and an end.  Planning the trajectory or arc of the event for your media will greatly contribute to the success of the event.

Though it is possible to pre-load all your content and let eObjx remix it through the night, why not consider staging when, how much and what content you should introduce into the mix during the event.

This, in conjunction with your guests contributions, can dramatically offer relevancy and excitement throughout the entire duration of the event.

eObjx will do the mix, you add the content fire and let the event ignite.