Bottle Service

Clubs everywhere are upping the ante of what bottle service can be.

A Bottle Service with eObjx is the pinnacle. Making the patrons of the service the star of their own show for all the world to see.

An eObjx bottle service means the club grants access to a unique URL exclusively for this night only where the bottle service patrons can create any kind of show they want. The club then either dedicates screen space or intermixes and allocates time for the eObjx bottle service in their club projections/shows.

Since there can be several eObjx bottle services running at once, this could even lead to a very entertaining competition between them all for everyone to enjoy.

If you want the most memorable bottle service, make sure you find a club offering eObjx or ask them to upgrade and include eObjx.

Bottle Service brought to you by eObjx.


The circle of life. It happens to all of us and even to content objects. We get old. Though often fought, it is probably best to simply embrace, but how does this affect eObjx?

eObjx always strives to present new, fresh experiences enhanced by newly contributed content, but if eObjx is always incorporating the old with the new, the experience could be less than new.

Now eObjx has a way to insure the newest experience, simply let older objects age off. eObjx will simply stop incorporating objects older than those you’d rather be showing.

To accomplish this, just create a playlist with the objxage you’d always like to be showing, for instance, the last 2 hours. Any objects older will simply be ignored. That doesn’t mean there gone and could certainly rejoin the show if you so wish.

This is an extremely powerful feature for epic duration events and all handled for you automatically by the forever young and new eObjx.

Holiday Parties

eObjx is the perfect addition to any Holiday Party and it certainly is the season – Thanksgiving,  Christmas,  New Years,  Hanukkah and just any reason to celebrate.

You’ve racked your brain on what new thing you could do this year?  eObjx is the answer.  Make your guests a part of the entertainment or just use memorable media (images, gifs and videos) from the past year to remind all of what you have to be grateful for, or accomplishments or simply a trip down memory lane.

Let eObjx play all event long and it certainly will be the Objx of conversation.