Bottle Service

Clubs everywhere are upping the ante of what bottle service can be.

A Bottle Service with eObjx is the pinnacle. Making the patrons of the service the star of their own show for all the world to see.

An eObjx bottle service means the club grants access to a unique URL exclusively for this night only where the bottle service patrons can create any kind of show they want. The club then either dedicates screen space or intermixes and allocates time for the eObjx bottle service in their club projections/shows.

Since there can be several eObjx bottle services running at once, this could even lead to a very entertaining competition between them all for everyone to enjoy.

If you want the most memorable bottle service, make sure you find a club offering eObjx or ask them to upgrade and include eObjx.

Bottle Service brought to you by eObjx.