eObjx is a service built upon our iObjx platform. This platform enables the accretion, interaction with, during nonlinear playback of, infinitely entangled objects.

eObjx only supports a subset of these capabilities, but these allow multiple layers of interactivity and the possibilities of chaotic discovery.

The first layer of interactivity for eObjx allows the user to view the content however they’d like by selecting alternative playbacks.

Next, if an object is of interest they may double-click to view it in manual mode which then allows the user to step backward and forward through the objects in that Objxshow.

Today we are introducing a new layer of interactivity to eObjx that while in manual mode you may again double-click an object to then experience its entanglement. You get to step through the Looking Glass, for truly you don’t know where you’ll end up or where you might be able to go from where you are.

The eObjx experience has now been taken to a new level of interaction, exploration and discovery. Open up new worlds for your guests with eObjx entanglements.