YouTube Livestreams in your eObjx

eObjx can now play a YouTube Livestream as a peer object integrated into the playback of: images, gifs and videos.  You can broadcast from your event Рwith webcam, video cam or even mobile phone via YouTube with someone roaming the event.

In fact, you could have several Livestreams playing one at a time or concurrently.  This opens the door to integrating simultaneous events or perspectives happening at the same time.

As with any object in an eObjx, you can also double-click and go full screen with your Livestream and then switch back to a playback.

Livestreaming could not be easier.  When you setup your eObjx event, also set up the YouTube Livestream event and then supply the URL to eObjx.  That’s it.  We do the rest.

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