Media Sets

eObjx Media Sets are now available at your finger tips. Having a variety of media sets allows the DJ or eObjx to constantly change up the experience.

No need to do it manually since eObjx can mix and match the various media sets automatically throughout the entire event. However, if the DJ wants more control, individual playbacks can be created for specific media sets. In fact, you can do both – allow eObjx to do its thing and intersperse with a manual selection whenever.

To enable media sets you’ll need to purchase the Media Set Add-on. Order as many Media Sets as you like. This add-on includes our Bulk Media Upload for your media sets and updating of our standard playlists to include selection from your Media Sets. In addition you can also order the Build Your Own Playlist (BYOP) Add-on if you’d like more control. We’ll advise via email when setup is complete with details.

As always attendees can still upload their own, if allowed, to further enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the event.

Media Sets open endless possibilities with eObjx.