Weddings and eObjx – The Perfect Match

eObjx is the perfect guest and entertainer at every wedding.

Allowing infinite perspectives and new dimensions as everyone shares their views of the wedding – via uploads of photos, videos, and GIFs – they are participating in and enjoying as it is happening.

Don’t wait until after the event to enjoy.  Do it now, in real-time, during the wedding/reception with eObjx.

Create memories that will live happily ever after!


Every event wishes to be memorialized through the capture of images and videos.  Often photographers and videographers are hired, but eObjx presents a new option – eventography by the guests of the event.


Of course, this could be in lieu of photographers and videographers, but perhaps best when combined with these.  Events are enjoyed from all angles and perspectives and who better than the guests to share those with all and let eObjx integrate them all into a memorable visual experience.