Uniquely show your photos and videos at your wedding

Just like this wedding bringing two people together, eObjx can uniquely bring together, highlight and show everyone’s photos and videos.

With a wedding two families come together, share and learn about each other and the bride and groom. A wonderful way to do this is to have the families share their special photos and videos from the past, but also those being taken at the wedding event.

eObjx has unique capabilities to integrate and manage this process for you, live during your wedding event.

Prior to the wedding families can gather up their photos and videos and submit them to eObjx for bulk upload into their specific family media sets. During the event both families can upload their photos and videos all during the event.

eObjx will, just like a wedding, bring it all together in an endless entertainment that will sometimes show the groom’s, other times the brides, or the wedding or pull them all together for a magical integration of everything. You don’t have to do anything, but let eObjx entertain both families as they see photos from the groom’s and bride’s past as well as of today, the wedding.

It is a unique capability of eObjx that reinforces the unity of this event while bringing smiles and insights to all that will forever be part of this couple’s unique wedding memory.

It couldn’t be simpler. Everyone simply gives eObjx all the photos and videos. Done. Now just go ahead and enjoy the wedding.

Rent eObjx with the bulk upload and media sets add-on for your wedding and create something very, very special for everyone.