Let them know

Guests at an eObjx event are welcome to participate, but can only do so if they know they can.  It takes a little bit of upfront planning to consider the right name to give the eObjx and then disseminate the ADD url for all to join in.

During an eObjx show the ADD url may be displayed, but often that is not enough.  People simply have difficulty understanding they can change what they are watching.  It is completely contrary to everything they know about entertainment.

One option is to have printed materials and posters throughout the event advertising the ADD url.  Another might be to make an announcement.  Maybe a group SMS/message blast with the URL to all in attendance.   You could also have NFC tags that folks could just touch with there phone and launch the ADD url.  Be creative and find a way that makes your eObjx come to life!

Bit by bit, every little contribution can add up to a truly unique and special eObjx experience.

eObjx is NOT Video

When folks see an eObjx show they often think they are watching a video.  They are not.


And because they think it is a video they assume the limitations of a video:

  1. It cannot be changed while playing
  2. Every time it repeats it will be exactly the same

An eObjx show is NEVER the same each and every time it is played AND content may be added or removed during play.  This is why you should have your eObjx play during the entire duration of your event.

An eObjx can contain many kinds of digital, interactive objects, one of those is video.  But the eObjx show itself is NOT a video.

Bring the internet to every event

Events are held in all kinds of venues and even outside.   But everywhere seems to have some kind of cellular coverage.  If you have a mobile phone and cellular coverage, then you can have the internet as well with eObjx.

Simply use your phone as a Mobile, Portable WiFi HotSpot.  This capability is built into almost all smartphones.  Then have your computer use the wifi from the HotSpot to connect and show your eObjx.

Now speeds may vary so we advise checking it out before going live and, of course, you’ll need to see if your device, your carrier, and your data plan allows it.  Most do.

eObjx can be used anywhere.

Join In From Anywhere

In today’s world we often can’t all be together for momentous events.  Could be issues of scheduling, distance or both.

What if you virtually could all be together?  All able to watch and participate in real-time wherever you are.  You can with eObjx.

If you have guests that would enjoy being part of the event from anywhere in the world, simply share the playback and add URL with them.  They can watch and even add, in real-time, pictures and videos.  Everyone will be able to experience everyone’s contributions in real-time from wherever they are.

If you’d like to get fancy, each remote group could also have a livestream.  Many livestreams can be supported at the same time.

Make it a global event with eObjx!

Day of an eObjx Event

Any event starts long before the day of and this is also true of an eObjx Event.  You will have ordered and paid for the number of show hours you wish at your event.  You may have even scheduled it to include a Livestream by scheduling the event with YouTube.

eObjx makes the service available to you the day of your event.  This could be many hours in advance of the start of the actual event.

During these hours you can do things like preload content.  Once the event has started you can inform your guests of the URL for them to start adding content  which may continue even beyond the end of the last eObjx show.

At some point you decide to begin the showing of eObjx.  Then, and only then, does the clock start on the hours of service you purchased.

When budgeting for an eObjx event, only purchase the actual hours you’ll need for the showing.  You do not need to purchase hours to cover preloading or time during the event prior to playback or time after the event.  An eObjx will be taken down within 24 hours post your event.

Not another slideshow

Sometimes, all you really need is a simple slideshow.  You know, images, full size, displayed one after the other.

The challenge becomes how to create it.  Most folks gravitate to PowerPoint, Keynote and other presentation builders, but that is a lot of painful slide by slide work.

With eObjx there is no need to create, nor any need for endless hours of effort either prior to the event or during.   eObjx will do it all, automatically.  All you do is tell eObjx when by hitting PLAY.

Simply ADD whatever you’d like, whenever you’d like, even during the event and/or playback and eObjx will automatically incorporate the new content and/or rework the old into the playback.  To make it even more fun, allow your guests to do the same.

There is no need for a slideshow to be the same every time it is played.  eObjx insures a new experience each time is is played.

Arc of the Event

An event may last for several hours.  As such, it has a beginning a middle and an end.  Planning the trajectory or arc of the event for your media will greatly contribute to the success of the event.

Though it is possible to pre-load all your content and let eObjx remix it through the night, why not consider staging when, how much and what content you should introduce into the mix during the event.

This, in conjunction with your guests contributions, can dramatically offer relevancy and excitement throughout the entire duration of the event.

eObjx will do the mix, you add the content fire and let the event ignite.

Multi-Screen Everywhere at your Event

eObjx is great projected at stadium size at an event, but why not consider eObjx everywhere on smaller, interactive multi-screens everywhere at your event.  Or both!

Simple technologies like Chromecast can easily enable all Chromecast enabled TVs throughout your event.  Or if you wish the projections to be synchronized alternative AV solutions may be utilized.

Entertainment as a Service

The world is abuzz with Software as a Service (SaaS) which eObjx is, but better described as Entertainment as a Service (EaaS).  An entertainment that you turn on at the beginning of your event and leave running until the event is concluded.

During that time eObjx is continually creating new entertainments from the content supplied by you and your guests/attendees while completely unattended – intelligently and automatically.

QR Codes – the image does it all

QR codes have been around for a very long time, but never gained mass acceptance.  The primary reason for that is that you needed dedicated apps/readers on your devices.

All that changes with Apple IOS 11.  The only app you need comes with your phone – the camera app.  Just take a picture of the QR code and you’ll be directly taken to the URL.

Now you can make it even easier for your guests/attendees to participate in an eObjx.  Just print out the QR code in the handouts, splash them on the walls, even project them.

Your QR code will be automatically supplied for every eObjx event.