Human Moderation of Content

eObjx is proud to announce a new Add-On to our service – Human Moderation of content during your event. We all know you are too busy during the event to do this yourself and now our panel of moderators can take that load from you.

eObjx will use its best judgement to determine what may not be appropriate for your event.  These objects will be immediately removed upon review and a zipfile of all that were deleted, if any, will be provided within 24 hours of the end of your service.  We cannot guarantee that all offensive objects will be detected prior to a playback, but best efforts will be made to this end.

To order human moderation simply add the number of hours of your service you’d like to have monitored.

So get back to your event and enjoy the show!

Webcast your eObjx

To share your eObjx with the widest audience and ensure it can be viewed on all devices, live webcast your eObjx .

This is a new Add-that you can purchase with your eObjx event.  In realtime anyone watching the Livestream will experience what you are seeing at the actual event on the eObjx show.

You don’t have to do anything, but order the Webcast and then share/publicize the YouTubeURL we will send you.  Everything else eObjx will do.

Another advantage to livestreaming your eObjx is you don’t need to have internet at the event, or a computer or a display.  Your guests simply use their cellular connection to add to the eObjx and then, if they wish, watch it on their devices at YouTube.

Webcasts insure the biggest audience possible for your event.  Include everyone, wherever they are and however they’d like to enjoy your eObjx event.

The webcast will be unlisted and private unless you request otherwise.


Every event wishes to be memorialized through the capture of images and videos.  Often photographers and videographers are hired, but eObjx presents a new option – eventography by the guests of the event.


Of course, this could be in lieu of photographers and videographers, but perhaps best when combined with these.  Events are enjoyed from all angles and perspectives and who better than the guests to share those with all and let eObjx integrate them all into a memorable visual experience.

Death by Slideshow

Events are infected everywhere with a deadly killer – slideshows.  They have proven resistant to all efforts to eradicate.  They  are insidious, ubiquitous and boring.  One after the other of infinite tedium. (click to play below)

Or you could take the same content as remixed by eObjx for something fresh and new each time it is shown. (click to play below)

With or without video, eye-catching and engaging.

Death is inevitable.  Don’t choose to die by slideshow.

Why eObjx for your event?

There are a myriad of reasons why you might consider using eObjx at your event:

  1. Be the first
    You will no doubt be a market leader because no one else will have experienced an event with eObjx.  It’s a coup!
  2. Endless hours of entertainment
    eObjx is designed to run forever.  Of course, no event is infinite, but eObjx will fill your event, no matter the length, with new experiences.
  3. Inexpensive
    Likely you’ve considered PhotoBooths, Social Walls or a slideshow, but you don’t own a bank.  eObjx is cheap and not boring.
  4. Easy
    You just start the show on eObjx and walk away.  No tech skills required.
  5. Magic
    eObjx does in real-time what no human can do.  Real-time remix of all content all event long.  eObjx presents that content in ways no human would imagine.  Dazzle.
  6. Participation
    Allow those guest of yours to show you the event through their eyes and bring a smile to their face when they appear in the show.
  7. Virtual Guests
    It is often the case that many guests cannot attend the event.  No longer true with eObjx.  They may virtually attend by watching the eObjx, where they are, in real-time.  In fact, they can even participate by adding content too.

Now the biggest question of all:

Why NOT have eObjx at your event?

Augmented Event Reality

We are hearing a lot about immersive virtual realities and real-world augmented realities.  eObjx can create an augmented event reality in the real-world.

The addition of the machine intelligence, artistry and computing speed of eObjx exceeds anything that a human could do it real-time.  In truth, many things eObjx does are completely enjoyably unexpected and engaging as it morphs and reacts to inputs of the DJ and crowd.  Augmenting your event to something beyond anything else available today for a real-world experience.

No headset required.

Let them know

Guests at an eObjx event are welcome to participate, but can only do so if they know they can.  It takes a little bit of upfront planning to consider the right name to give the eObjx and then disseminate the ADD url for all to join in.

During an eObjx show the ADD url may be displayed, but often that is not enough.  People simply have difficulty understanding they can change what they are watching.  It is completely contrary to everything they know about entertainment.

One option is to have printed materials and posters throughout the event advertising the ADD url.  Another might be to make an announcement.  Maybe a group SMS/message blast with the URL to all in attendance.   You could also have NFC tags that folks could just touch with there phone and launch the ADD url.  Be creative and find a way that makes your eObjx come to life!

And then there’s the easiest of all – a QR code

Bit by bit, every little contribution can add up to a truly unique and special eObjx experience.

eObjx is NOT Video

When folks see an eObjx show they often think they are watching a video.  They are not.


And because they think it is a video they assume the limitations of a video:

  1. It cannot be changed while playing
  2. Every time it repeats it will be exactly the same

An eObjx show is NEVER the same each and every time it is played AND content may be added or removed during play.  This is why you should have your eObjx play during the entire duration of your event.

An eObjx can contain many kinds of digital, interactive objects, one of those is video.  But the eObjx show itself is NOT a video.

Bring the internet to every event

Events are held in all kinds of venues and even outside.   But everywhere seems to have some kind of cellular coverage.  If you have a mobile phone and cellular coverage, then you can have the internet as well with eObjx.

Simply use your phone as a Mobile, Portable WiFi HotSpot.  This capability is built into almost all smartphones.  Then have your computer use the wifi from the HotSpot to connect and show your eObjx.

Now speeds may vary so we advise checking it out before going live and, of course, you’ll need to see if your device, your carrier, and your data plan allows it.  Most do.

eObjx can be used anywhere.

Join In From Anywhere

In today’s world we often can’t all be together for momentous events.  Could be issues of scheduling, distance or both.

What if you virtually could all be together?  All able to watch and participate in real-time wherever you are.  You can with eObjx.

If you have guests that would enjoy being part of the event from anywhere in the world, simply share the playback and add URL with them.  They can watch and even add, in real-time, pictures and videos.  Everyone will be able to experience everyone’s contributions in real-time from wherever they are.

If you’d like to get fancy, each remote group could also have a livestream.  Many livestreams can be supported at the same time.

Make it a global event with eObjx!