Multi-Screen Everywhere at your Event

eObjx is great projected at stadium size at an event, but why not consider eObjx everywhere on smaller, interactive multi-screens everywhere at your event.  Or both!

Simple technologies like Chromecast can easily enable all Chromecast enabled TVs throughout your event.  Or if you wish the projections to be synchronized alternative AV solutions may be utilized.

Entertainment as a Service

The world is abuzz with Software as a Service (SaaS) which eObjx is, but better described as Entertainment as a Service (EaaS).  An entertainment that you turn on at the beginning of your event and leave running until the event is concluded.

During that time eObjx is continually creating new entertainments from the content supplied by you and your guests/attendees while completely unattended – intelligently and automatically.

QR Codes – the image does it all

QR codes have been around for a very long time, but never gained mass acceptance.  The primary reason for that is that you needed dedicated apps/readers on your devices.

All that changes with Apple IOS 11.  The only app you need comes with your phone – the camera app.  Just take a picture of the QR code and you’ll be directly taken to the URL.

Now you can make it even easier for your guests/attendees to participate in an eObjx.  Just print out the QR code in the handouts, splash them on the walls, even project them.

Your QR code will be automatically supplied for every eObjx event.


YouTube Livestreams in your eObjx

eObjx can now play a YouTube Livestream as a peer object integrated into the playback of: images, gifs and videos.  You can broadcast from your event – with webcam, video cam or even mobile phone via YouTube with someone roaming the event.

In fact, you could have several Livestreams playing one at a time or concurrently.  This opens the door to integrating simultaneous events or perspectives happening at the same time.

As with any object in an eObjx, you can also double-click and go full screen with your Livestream and then switch back to a playback.

Livestreaming could not be easier.  When you setup your eObjx event, also set up the YouTube Livestream event and then supply the URL to eObjx.  That’s it.  We do the rest.

Eye Candy

eObjx continues to evolve with ever changing eye candy.  Today we are introducing two new effects: Ken Burns and Fades .  A Ken Burns effect takes an image and continuously zooms in on it from various aspects, thus adding life to an other still image.  Fades affect how images appear and disappear.  Both effects are synchronized with the variable length media contained in the eObjx.

It is always important to remember that an eObjx event is solely dependent upon the content added – that means YOU.  Let it be whatever you wish it to be.  eObjx will react and evolve.




Not A Photo Booth. Not A Social Wall. What Is eObjx?

photo booth, photobooth, social wall, video slideshow

It has been really interesting developing and introducing eObjx to the world. There’s nothing really quite like it to compare it to.

How exactly do you describe new event technology when it isn’t an application, doesn’t require any downloads, and no sign-ins are necessary?! A potential reseller overseas recently asked us – “How does it really work?” – clearly indicating that he isn’t comfortable in a non-app world. Oh, what to do with something totally new.

In today’s world, most customers – event planners and event producers in our case – are most comfortable with what they already know. We’ve had a myriad of demos with event agencies and party planners and nearly all have said the same thing – “You’re right, this is new” and “I haven’t seen anything like it.” Of course they too are stumped with what words to use to describe it.

So here’s our best shot – eObjx is an instant and automatic mixed media entertainment lifeform  created by your event’s videos and photos.

All we know is … It isn’t a photo booth. It isn’t a social wall.

There, how’d we do? If you’ve got a better way to explain it, we’re all ears.

What’s the entertainment?

With every event the entertainment ranks high in consideration.  The band, the DJ, the magician, etc.  But the best entertainment is already there – you and your guests.  Give them the power to do so immediately with what’s in their hands and eObjx.

As soon as they take a photo or create a video it will be up for all to enjoy and likely encourage others to join and create the event mashup of their lives.

Everyone is the entertainment in an eObjx.

Take Back the Power

Disintermediation is the power the internet brought and took away.   Your brand now relegated to posts on who knows which social wasteland.  You don’t need a social wall.  You need your wall – an eObjx wall.


eObjx gives you the power.  It is solely in your control.  What happens in your venue/event – stays in your venue/event.

Why have your patrons blast out to the world and then your recover it simply to create a social wall.  Why not have them contribute directly and solely to your wall.  Get Social out of the way.  Change the paradigm.

What happens on eObjx stays on eObjx.

Objx DJ

A DJ drives the energy and excitement of the night, but why only music?  Why not mix it up with media as well?  Or combine it all?

eObjx is a perfect tool for any DJ to fully express themselves, but also direct and shape the experience.  An Objx DJ can:

  • Switch up the playback at any timeStep into the playback for manual control
  • Pause/Stop/Resume the playback at any timeCreate their own playbacks
  • Create and inject their own standalone content as grouped or compound objects (may include any digital media, not just images and videos)
  • Delete
  • Switch between media sets
  • ContentTime travel through the content
  • eObjx offers the perfect environment to harness the input of the crowd and magnify that content through the power and creative genius of the DJ.