Virtual Events

During this ‘stay at home’ health emergency, many events are using Livestreaming as a partial solution. That is all well and good, but the event is hobbled by the fact that livestreaming is a broadcast – one way. All the viewer/attendee can do is watch.

Until now…eObjx can put the audience back into the live event.

For instance, let’s say a band is doing a concert in a venue with no audience but is being livestreamed. The audience sees something like this:

Now let’s add audience participation via eObjx and put them live on the projection behind the band, like this:

Another option would be to highlight and focus on the band surrounded by audience participation, like this:

In essence a livestream of a livestream. Remember the eObjx is always live and updating and remixing for an ever changing show right along with the entertainment.

One last option would be to keep the livestream of the band going as audio only, but just show the virtual audience, like this:

To keep the entire livestream engaging and entertaining for the audience the producer can keep switching it up between the various options.

eObjx can elevate any livestream into a fully interactive experience for the audience and even the band for now they have someone to play to versus a black hole.

eObjx the virtual event enabler….let us take your livestream to the next level.


eObjx can be used in three different modes:

  1. Presentation
    Guests only view the content
  2. Participation
    Guests can contribute content
  3. Interaction
    Guests can interact with the content

All modes may be used standalone or concurrently in any combination

1. Presentation Mode

Guests may simply view whatever show eObjx has composed or that of an administrator.

Presentation content, templates, effects and filters are selected through choice of playlist.  Custom playlists may be created in Premium Service Tier or as an Add-On.

Multiple presentations are permitted.  Each presentation will be unique.

2. Participation Mode

Guests may add content (image, video) from their mobile devices using the supplied ADD url, QR code or NFC tag

3. Interaction Mode

Guests may interact with content if the content is being shown on touch screen surfaces or monitors.

Interactions supported:

  1. Select Playback
  2. Stop/Pause/Resume
  3. Double-click object to enter manual mode
    1. In manual mode, navigate forward/backward via swipe or arrows
  4. Double-click object to launch entanglement
  5. Interact with interactive objects (eg 3D animations, VR, etc)

eObjx is uniquely versatile in how it may be used. Let the modes be your muse on how you would use eObjx for your events.


eObjx is a service built upon our iObjx platform. This platform enables the accretion, interaction with, during nonlinear playback of, infinitely entangled objects.

eObjx only supports a subset of these capabilities, but these allow multiple layers of interactivity and the possibilities of chaotic discovery.

The first layer of interactivity for eObjx allows the user to view the content however they’d like by selecting alternative playbacks.

Next, if an object is of interest they may double-click to view it in manual mode which then allows the user to step backward and forward through the objects in that Objxshow.

Today we are introducing a new layer of interactivity to eObjx that while in manual mode you may again double-click an object to then experience its entanglement. You get to step through the Looking Glass, for truly you don’t know where you’ll end up or where you might be able to go from where you are.

The eObjx experience has now been taken to a new level of interaction, exploration and discovery. Open up new worlds for your guests with eObjx entanglements.

Generative Art (Computer Art)

An emergent, autonomous platform such as eObjx algorithmically creates art composed of the media objects supplied to it.

Wikipedia description: Generative art refers to art that in whole or in part has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist.

eObjx is unique in that the art is ephemeral and constantly recreated as something new. There is no concept of publishing or completed within eObjx. Each artistic creation can be influenced through the addition or subtraction of additional media objects. It can be played much like a musical instrument with infinite interpretations and realizations.

An event instrumented with eObjx is a live performance lasting the entire duration of your event.

Let eObjx generate unique, temporal experiences for your guests.


Who can imagine a computer or smartphone not adorned by the wallpaper of your choice? They add a backdrop to everything you do on those devices.

eObjx now allows you to select wallpapers for your playlists. The standard black wallpaper is the default for eObjx, but liven up or personalize any playlist with your choice of a static or animated image for a truly edge-to-edge experience. OR duplicate the same playlist with different wallpapers simply to experience the Objxshow in a new way.

Here is an example featuring a Matrix-like animated gif wallpaper:

Wallpapers are only available in the Premium tier of the eObjx service as you’ll need to create/edit playlists to include your selection. The image will need to be internet accessible via URL or you can utilize one that you’ve already uploaded to eObjx. Of course, you can change them at any time, in realtime like everything else in eObjx.

Something old, something new, …

That old wedding adage: something oldsomething new, something borrowed and something blue can be brought to life with an eObjx wedding. Maybe not the borrowed and blue, but absolutely the old and new.

Weddings are an extraordinary coming together of families that have only recently or, perhaps, never even met before the auspicious day. However, it is certain that they know the bride and groom and have never before seen old images and videos that everyone will enjoy as they come to know this new couple and the families they are now related and part of.

These images and videos can be pre-loaded into the wedding eObjx and then played standalone using our time travel technology or integrated into all the new images and videos being added during the wedding and reception.

Conversely, you could even just show the ‘new’ without the ‘old’ if you wish. Might even be an opportunity of a fun, live contest creating new and entertaining images and videos that are instantly enjoyed by all.

Best yet, all of this ‘old’ and ‘new’ somethings can be gifted to the new couple to enjoy and even enhance after the fact with their choice of the photographer or videography hired to professionally capture their wedding event.

eObjx offers a unique, unprecedented way to have the wedding party and guests get to know each other in new and unexpected ways. eObjx will absolutely be the talk of the wedding as it plays all wedding/reception long.

Give this wonderful new experience to your guests and discover new perspectives and dimensions of your spouse and their families with eObjx.

Bottle Service

Clubs everywhere are upping the ante of what bottle service can be.

A Bottle Service with eObjx is the pinnacle. Making the patrons of the service the star of their own show for all the world to see.

An eObjx bottle service means the club grants access to a unique URL exclusively for this night only where the bottle service patrons can create any kind of show they want. The club then either dedicates screen space or intermixes and allocates time for the eObjx bottle service in their club projections/shows.

Since there can be several eObjx bottle services running at once, this could even lead to a very entertaining competition between them all for everyone to enjoy.

If you want the most memorable bottle service, make sure you find a club offering eObjx or ask them to upgrade and include eObjx.

Bottle Service brought to you by eObjx.


The circle of life. It happens to all of us and even to content objects. We get old. Though often fought, it is probably best to simply embrace, but how does this affect eObjx?

eObjx always strives to present new, fresh experiences enhanced by newly contributed content, but if eObjx is always incorporating the old with the new, the experience could be less than new.

Now eObjx has a way to insure the newest experience, simply let older objects age off. eObjx will simply stop incorporating objects older than those you’d rather be showing.

To accomplish this, just create a playlist with the objxage you’d always like to be showing, for instance, the last 2 hours. Any objects older will simply be ignored. That doesn’t mean there gone and could certainly rejoin the show if you so wish.

This is an extremely powerful feature for epic duration events and all handled for you automatically by the forever young and new eObjx.

Holiday Parties

eObjx is the perfect addition to any Holiday Party and it certainly is the season – Thanksgiving,  Christmas,  New Years,  Hanukkah and just any reason to celebrate.

You’ve racked your brain on what new thing you could do this year?  eObjx is the answer.  Make your guests a part of the entertainment or just use memorable media (images, gifs and videos) from the past year to remind all of what you have to be grateful for, or accomplishments or simply a trip down memory lane.

Let eObjx play all event long and it certainly will be the Objx of conversation.

The 4th Dimension – TIME

eObjx now allows you to time travel within your content during your event.

Imagine, you are having an event but would just like to see the content added in the last hour. No problem

Or, inversely you would like to see content not added within the hour. No problem.

This setting combined with all the others of eObjx means you can create finely tuned temporal explorations during your event.

Another added benefit is that you can also use this setting as a moderation delay. Let’s say you wish to not allow content which has been added in the last 5 minutes so that you can have a chance to review before it is included in a play. No problem.


  1. Create a playlist that only plays content from the last 5 minutes and then delete any undesirable content
  2. Go to the eObjx Admin and review the content and remove if unwanted

The delay can be whatever you are comfortable with.

Time Travel. The fourth dimension brought to you during your event by eObjx.