Realtime – So What?

eObjx is a Realtime Event Entertainment Service, but what does that mean?

What is the definition of realtime?

real time/ˌrē(ə)l ˈtīm/noun

  1. the actual time during which a process or event occurs.”along with much of the country, he watched events unfolding in real time on TV”
    • COMPUTING relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback, e.g., in a missile guidance or airline booking system.”real-time signal processing”

Realtime means that everything happening on eObjx has not been produced in advance. It is happening NOW!

Before you hit the PLAY button or choose a PLAYLIST all there is is a pool of media (images, gif, videos, live stream, etc.). The moment you hit the PLAY button, eObjx gathers all available media and creates a new experience. Because this is Realtime and not human edited/created it is always fresh and new. Further, every time this happens new content that has been added is immediately, in realtime, incorporated into the playback further resulting in a brand new, just in time, of the moment event experience that will never occur again.

Prepared slideshows and videos are boring and always the same. Don’t drive your guests to distraction. Keep them riveted and excited because no one knows what may happen, show or when in the realtime playback of eObjx.

You care to give your guests the most exciting event they’ve ever been to. None of them will ever have experienced anything like eObjx. Give them realtime – NOW!

The Forgotten Walls

When you go to an event the focus is primarily on the front wall. That’s where the speaker will be, the stage, the presentation, etc. etc. But what about the forgotten walls to sides of the guest and behind. In this day of engaging and immersive, why are those walls boring and blank?

Click on video to play

With eObjx you can have as many projections as you wish. So, like the example above, why not project both on the front and side walls. Give your guests a complete surround experience.

Interestingly, though the projections will use the same media objects, no projection is same and guests will continually be amazed and entertained. As they watch and/or participate by adding their own content to the dazzling display.

Truly an infinite, always on groundbreaking entertainment to afford your guests.


Kaleidoscopic is a great word to describe the experiences that eObjx will create during your event. Not a video. Always refreshed, new and captivating. Surprising as you’ll never know when or in what context your content may next be shown. Guests will stay riveted and astounded as they try to understand what on earth they are experiencing.

Don’t bore them with photo booths and looping videos. Bring the event to life with the kaleidoscopic perspectives that eObjx will create of your and their content.



In response to many requests, we are happy to announce our new subscription program.

It is a monthly, recurring  subscription with a vanity URL completely under your control, offering a 50% or more hourly discount and unlimited hours availability.  More details about subscriptions may be found here.


eObjx offers a completely new paradigm to our currently understand norms for PLAY.  You play a song, it finishes.  You play a video, it finishes.  You play an eObjx and it never stops.  It everplays.

Maybe another way to think about PLAY in eObjx is just a switch that turns it on.  What and how it is going to play is up to eObjx.

All the while it is ‘everplaying’, content can continue to be added and integrated in realtime while eObjx intelligence determines new and entertaining ways to present.

Everyplay is a radical new concept that would be a welcome alternative to mindnumbing ‘repeat and bore’.

eObjx is an entertainment lifeform always available to entertain and delight.

Forget the guests

Well, not actually, but at many events it is not desired or appropriate for the guests to contribute content.  Just too many concerns.  However, that doesn’t mean you should not use eObjx.

eObjx shines as an intelligent remix artist taking the curated content only you or your selected photo/videographers have taken and creates a mesmerizing, endless event entertainment.

No moderation necessary.  No headaches.  Just a delight for you and  your guests.

Rewind the Party

What if you could rewind the party to any time within the last few hours?  You could see and experience what was going on then through the eyes of everyone in attendance.  With eObjx and our Webcast Add-On, this is now possible.

While eObjx is live streaming your party guests can go back 4 hours and re-experience it.  Somebody missed something that happened? No problem.  Just time travel and enjoy it again.

Enjoy Back to the Future with eObjx.

Continuous Event Entertainment

Seems as though everything in the world begins then ends.  Books, movies, songs, life, etc.  However, this is not true of eObjxeObjx is an infinite, continuous entertainment that plays as long as you wish.  Never ending, never repeating, always renewing,  an engine of constant genesis and thus always entertaining.  Always new.

Continuous event entertainment is a radical new concept for events.  eObjx is the art of the possible.

Bring entertainment infinity to your event with eObjx.


The goal of every event is to give each and every guest/attendee an eventgasm.  That moment when they go – wow, gasp, point, turn, laugh, share and stare.  eObjx is eventgasmic.

eObjx will continue to excite and entertain ‘all night long’.